“People are becoming quite educated about what they’re drinking,” says Kurtis Bosley. “As a result they’re looking for something a bit different.”

Bosley is the group bar manager for Sydney’s Public House Management, which oversees Narellan Hotel, Four in Hand in Paddington and others. “A lot of bars are really pushing the boundaries with the flavour combinations they’re making,” he says. “I think that’s reflected in the classic drinks now being twisted.”

When tasked with putting his own herb-based twist on the G&T, he came back with a simple recipe that uses gin, white vermouth, Cascade Tonic Water and lemon thyme. The vermouth incorporates native aromatics that lend well to the gin’s botanicals, while the vermouth balances the sweetness of the Cascade Tonic Water and “dries it out a bit,” says Bosley.

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While the group bar manager grows the lemon thyme garnish at home, it can be found at most supermarkets. While it looks like regular thyme, the taste will surprise you. “Instead of that really herbaceous thyme taste,” he says, “you get this really nice citrus top with just a back palate of thyme.”

A Herbaceous G&T
Makes one serve. Approx. 1.1 standard drinks

30ml gin
10ml white vermouth
Fresh juice from half a lemon
Cascade Tonic Water
Lemon thyme to garnish

Fill a tall glass with ice. Add gin, vermouth and lemon. Top with tonic and stir. Garnish with lemon thyme.

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