Forget competitive TV show baking, where things can be cut, edited and reworked for the best effect – performance collective Brown Council is eschewing the smoke and mirrors of ‘here’s something I prepared earlier’ to conduct a live bake-off as their next performance work. And by live we mean in front of a live audience as part of the new season from the Performance Space.

Mass Action is a performative bake-off, as well as a test of endurance for the four members of Brown Council, with the quartet of Frances Barrett, Kate Blackmore, Kelly Doley and Diana Smith attempting to cook every recipe in the iconic Country Women’s Association cookbook Jam Drops and Marble Cakes.

A tribute to the 90-year history of the CWA as well as a chance to explore the cultural notion of ‘women’s work’, it promises to be quite the spectacle, and pretty tasty to boot. Performance Space is well known for giving artists opportunities to showcase unusual works, often outside of traditional theatre and gallery spaces. In their Halls for Hire season, they are facilitating six site-specific performance and installation works (including Mass Action) to be shown in town halls, sports centres and community spaces. The artists were invited to reflect the architecture and history of the spaces to create their pieces.

Mass Action takes place at the CWA Head Office in Potts Point, a fitting location for such homage. It’s a hall style room with an attached kitchen where you can view the cakes as they are made and observe the girls in the their 90-hour bake-a-thon. And the fact that the performers aren’t really big bakers themselves and haven’t tested all the recipes? Well, that will only add to the fun.

Mass Action plays out from noon on August 28 to 6am on September 1, with an afternoon tea at 2pm–4pm the same day (check the website for viewing hours).

CWA Head Office
11 Greenknowe Street, Potts Point

Viewing is free, but bookings and a donation are required for afternoon tea.