Ramen Megumi is a new Neutral Bay restaurant from Jun Toyoda. He is the chef and owner at Ramen Osan, a tiny Chinatown eatery known for serving thick noodles and one of the most collagen-heavy and rich tonkotsu broths in Sydney, and Wok and Noodle Bar, its Kings Cross spin-off.

The ramen served at Megumi is the same as what you’ll find at Ramen Osan. The tonkotsu is thick, the chicken broth is rich and the noodles elastic but slightly chewy. There are two local signatures unavailable at Ramen Osan or Wok and Noodle Bar. One is gyokai tonkotsu, a powerful, fishy and almost-black ramen made with snapper head, bonito and pork bones. The other is something owner Jun Toyoda calls “curry ramen”. “It’s a curry blended with chicken broth. It’s not thick; it’s a soup with noodles. It's a new creation.”

More than ramen is offered here; the menu is typical of the casual fare popular in Japan among students and CBD workers looking for quick meals. There’s a huge Japanese curry with pieces of crisp katsu, various don combos, a chashu bowl and simple sushi combos. “We would like to do a proper vegetarian ramen, different to what we did at Wok and Noodle,” says Toyoda. The new one tastes like tonkotsu but is completely vegetarian.

Like many restaurants of a similar ilk, Megumi is takeaway orientated. There’s barely 20 seats and minimal decor, just a few curtains decorated with Japanese characters; some lanterns (one labelled with giant characters spelling “tonkotsu”); and that same red-and-black theme seen in many cheap and cheerful Japanese joints.

Ramen Megumi
4, 4–8 Waters Road, Neutral Bay

Mon to Sat 12pm–9pm
Sun 12pm–8pm

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