The sandwich is very close to Italy’s heart. You can’t walk half a block in Rome or Florence without seeing a tramezzini (triangle-sandwich) bar. Typically, the snack involves white bread cut into triangles and stuffed generously with fillings to order, such as fried eggplant, speck, prosciutto or onions marinated with anchovies. It’s wrapped in a sheet of butcher’s paper to go. It’s about perfect seasoning, density and soft bread. It’s an important mid-afternoon ritual, often before a siesta.

Maurice Terzini and The Dolphin’s head chef Monty Koludrovic have brought the tradition here (albeit with some international influences).

“The mid-morning, or mid-afternoon miranda (snack) [was] the highlight of my youth living in Italy,” says Terzini. “It would always be a panino from La Case Del Formaggio. Fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, pomodori.

“Monty has taken these flavours, ideas and principles and introduced them to The Dolphin panino program,” he says.

The sandwiches are fresh and uncomplicated: locally smoked cuts from LP’s Meats; bread made with the finest flour from Brickfields Bakery; and deli products from Terzini’s own Salumeria collaboration with Victor Churchill. There are 16 sandwiches in total; five of them will be available each day.

The Chicken Cotsu has chicken cotoletta (Italian schnitzel), smoked tomato relish, shaved cabbage and aioli. The Italian Job is done with LP’s mortadella, salami, a generous hunk of asiago cheese and rocket. The classic egg sandwich has also been reimagined: it is made with egg salad, Kewpie, mayonnaise then toasted. It’s called the Tokyo 7/11.

Available to eat in or take away daily from 12pm–3pm or until sold out. Soon you’ll be able to order online for pick up.