Potts Point diner Bistrot 916’s burgers have been a lockdown success story. There have been double cheeseburgers (with optional foie gras), and a hugely popular duck-and-cheese number. But now, it’s ditching the casual takeaway options and going full on luxe.

“The burgers were … only ever going to be a two-week project,” says head chef Daniel Pepperell in a statement. “Maybe they’ll be back in the future.”

Duck is back on the menu. But this time around it comes as part of a five-course menu – where the bird features on every course. A whole duck is used to create liver parfait, duck rillettes (with baguette to smoosh them on), a hearty duck-leg cassoulet and duck-fat caramels to finish. Ooh la-la. Only 50 ducks are available each evening

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If you want to explore the extremities of lockdown luxe even further, there’s this: the Plateau Panaché. It’s a cornucopia of seafood: one dozen oysters, abalone, scallops, tiger prawns, tuna tartare, uni and an entire eastern rock oyster. Oh, and seafood’s natural pairing, hashbrowns. It’ll set you back a solid $380, and there’s just 10 available each night.

And for those who’ve been missing a bump or two of caviar over the past few weeks, it’s doing a caviar service. You’ll get a 30-gram tin of the good stuff, with buckwheat blinis, chives, horseradish and capers to enjoy alongside.

The luxury doesn’t stop there – you can also get an entire mud crab on ice.

It’s all pick-up only – and when you head in to collect your order you can peruse the restaurant’s full wine list to choose your booze to match.

Bistrot 916’s new takeaway menu is available for pick up Friday and Saturday from 5pm to 8.30pm.