Pilu Kiosk is turning into what Giovanni Pilu describes as a “baretto”. Anyone who’s travelled up Italy’s coastline will know exactly what he means. They’re those little bars that serve cocktails; wines from the local township; salumi; cheese; and fried snacks. Pilu Baretto will emulate these, except for the local wines, which will be from Sardinia.

“It'll be an all-Italian wine list, all by the glass with a focus on Sardinian wine. No one else is really doing that and there's so many great ones at the moment,” says Pilu. There’s a good chance there’ll be a few natural wines thrown in there because the head sommelier will be Pilu’s non-interventionist buff Salvatore Tomasi. “It’s not just a wine bar, though, we'll also do classic cocktails; Negronis and Aperol Spritz and a Sardinian beer, Ichnusa, with some local beers,” Pilu says.

The space will change too. Pilu has commissioned Sanctum Design, which will close the roof, install a copper bar and, crucially, introduce some new kitchen elements so the Pilu team can serve more than the simple takeaway sandwiches and breakfasts it’s been doing for years. “It'll be Pilu food but a bit smaller and to share.” Pilu says one definite will be fresh pasta that changes every few days, decided by chef Alessandro Sartini.

Otherwise you can bet on typical seaside baretto fare such as fresh oysters, salumi, cheese and fried snacks. “You have to have something fried. So, some nice croquettes, but not calamari fritti, everyone does that,” he says. He’s also thinking about working with Sonoma to create a traditional Sardinian potato bread, to be served with grilled fish or homemade ricotta.

The breakfast and lunch service the kiosk is currently running will continue, but it will be better, Pilu says. “We didn't have any cooking stuff down there. Now we can make everything to order.”

Pilu Baretto is slated to open mid-March.