The Streets of Barangaroo is finally open. After hosting pop-ups from Belles Hot Chicken, Chaco Bar and Edition Coffee Roasters, the first few permanent venues at the destination have opened. Among them is one of the flashy new development’s most humble offerings, a new venture from the team behind pho-masters Me Oi called Phởmo.

“We all work in the city and we struggle to find good pho. So we thought we'd set up something at Barangaroo,” says Phởmo’s head of marketing and co-owner (one of 10) Kevin Kasih. To ensure standards lived up to Me Oi’s reputation they recruited Cabramatta veteran, chef Sonny Nguyen. “We wanted to bring the Vietnamese flavours of Sydney’s south-west to the city,” says Kasih.

Unlike at his old job at northern-Vietnam-inspired restaurant Huong Xua, here Nguyen will do a more mainstream, traditional pho – heavily spiced, using roasted aromatics and a 12-hour boil. Make sure you add the chilli relish on every table; it’s homemade.

Kasih says the menu will remain sharp and simple with just pho, spring rolls and a short selection of mains. “We're taking some of the most popular dishes from our other store: crispy-skin chicken, vermicelli salad and curry chicken.” Soon it will run a Vietnamese-street-food tapas-style menu at night with a simple bar offering (there is already a few Vietnamese beers and small wine selection). “It will be small dishes of popular Vietnamese foods good to have drinks with,” says Kasih. Nguyen talks about introducing prawns wrapped in crisped pumpkin, Viet-style salt-and-pepper quail and spring rolls made with pho-noodle wrappings. “It's new in Vietnam. I tried it on a trip back there, it was good so I wanted to bring it back here,” he says. The tapas style will suit both Phởmo’s patio (most of the restaurant is outside but covered by the Streets of Barangaroo’s awning) and the Barangaroo waterfront, which, in summer, will be flooded with sunlight during the afternoon and early evening.

Shop 9, 33 Barangaroo Avenue, Sydney
(02) 8097 3663

Mon to Sun 11am–11pm