Pepe Saya, Australia’s preeminent cultured-butter producer, is opening its Tempe factory to the public.

The factory is now open from Monday to Friday, giving Pepe Saya lovers access to their favourite products without having to visit a restaurant. Find sheets of butter, giant tubs of crème fraîche, buttermilk, mascarpone by the litre and the famous, home-style butter.

Pepe Saya opened in 2012 and its now-famous products are served at Rockpool cafes across Sydney and even 33,000 feet above ground on board Qantas international flights.

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In 2013 Pierre Issa, Pepe Saya’s founder, told Broadsheet his butter is as homemade as can be.

“We sour the cream down, we churn it, wash it with filtered water, knead it, get the water out, pack it and label it. That’s it. That’s butter,” he says.

The Pepe Saya factory is now open to the public from 7.30am–4pm weekdays. It will be closed to the public on weekends and public holidays.