When the now-infamous Tella Ball hit menus around Sydney, there was no telling where the hazelnut spread would go next. Roy el Hachem, co-owner of Piccolo Me cafe, knew it was destined for big things. Gigantic things.

Fried, ice-creamy, gigantic things. Introducing the Fried Maltella: a giant ball of fried Nutella ice cream, topped with warm salted caramel sauce and crushed Maltesers. Some have compared its size to a grapefruit, others to a watermelon. Whatever fruit it resembles most, there’s no doubt it’s big. Each ball takes three days to make and contains over a litre of ice cream.

“The first guy that tried one didn’t believe me when I said he wouldn’t be able to finish it. Half an hour later, he was half way through it,” says el Hachem.

While Piccolo Me has kept riding the Nutella wave with infused iced coffees and filled croissants for the past six years, this creation will only be on the menu until sold out, “so we can share the love with everyone,” el Hachem says.

150 Maltella balls were made and launched today, and will be available at Macquarie University (Australian Hearing Hub Ground Floor) this week or until sold out.