Paradise Road Diner has left its North Bondi home, but it hasn’t gone far. The 1950s America-themed burger joint has taken over the kitchen at live music venue Bar 34.

“We did a pop-up with our mates from Bar 34 at the beginning of summer,” says owner David Owen. “It went really well, and we had been looking to move for a few months, so this felt like the right time.”

In its place at North Bondi, Owen has opened Comida, a Mediterranean eatery with heavy influences from Spain, Italy and Greece. The 50-seat venue serves pastas, small plates and salads. The atmosphere is still casual, but it’s more restaurant than diner.

Owen believes the two venues’ locations are well suited to the local demographics. “It’s amazing the difference between north and south. North Bondi is more fitness conscious, and people prefer healthier food,” he says. “The South Bondi crowd are really happy with American-style burgers.”

Paradise Road Diner
34 Campbell Parade, Bondi
(02) 9300 9888

Mon to Sun 11.30am–10pm