Potts Point dumpling house Harajuku Gyoza has become a bridge upon which viral desserts travel to Australia.

After bringing the "raindrop cake" to Sydney, it wasn't long before the Watermelon Jelly took hold, presenting a new reason to line up at the contemporary Potts Point izakaya.

Now it has a new dessert – the Souffle Pancake, inspired by Cafe Gram in Tokyo. It’s a stack of three small pancakes, cooked with precision for 12 minutes, which gives them a wobbly, gelatinous texture. The stack is then smothered with Nutella, cream, banana and finished off with a gentle drizzle of maple syrup.

The pancakes were only suppose to appear on Harajuku's menu for a five-week stint over winter, however due to popular demand a new Soufflé Sundays program has been introduced. It runs every Sunday from 12pm until 8pm. Bookings are recommended.


This article updated September 28, 2017.

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