Come November, The Paddington on Oxford Street will open with a menu heavily influenced by European market-style cooking and a knock-out rotisserie chicken.

“It’s going to be very different, not like any pub in Sydney at the moment,” says head chef Ben Greeno, (ex-Momofuku Seiobo). “A place where everybody can hang out, enjoy themselves and eat some nice food.”

Greeno will be joined by Palmer & Co’s Sam Egerton and a team of fine-dining-trained chefs to execute a menu focused on quality rotisserie-cooked food, rebooting the site of the former Paddington Arms on Oxford Street.

“Most of the meats are going to be on the rotisserie – obviously the roast chicken,” Greeno says. Everything from whole fish to Jerusalem artichokes will join the classic chook-shop favourite. “There’s going to be a lot of sharing food. Almost everything on the menu has been designed that way.”

Greeno believes that Europe has the right idea when it comes to delivering the ultimate cooked chook, referring to the method of putting potatoes underneath the spit to collect drippings. “There’s definitely an influence from Europe, home of the greatest roast chicken,” says Greeno. “When I took my trip over there in May, I ate so much chicken it’s ridiculous.”

The Paddington will be joined by a takeaway chicken shop next door, aptly named The Chicken Shop, towards the end of the year.

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The Paddington will open at 384 Oxford Street on November 24.