Burger Project has announced it’s rolling out a more upmarket burger parlour – Burger Project Black Label– a diner merging elements of Rockpool Bar & Grill with its own more casual format, to create a venue that sits somewhere between the two, price- and menu-wise. Both are owned by the Rockpool Dining Group.

Rising from the ashes of Saké Jr, which recently shut shop on Grosvenor Place, the Black Label burgers will be bigger (180-gram patties compared to Burger Project’s regular 140 grams) and better, and the milk buns will be packed with more ingredients and complex flavours.

“Think of Black Label as a hybrid of our premium Rockpool Bar & Grill burgers, and our everyday Burger Project favourites,” said Rockpool Dining Group culinary director Neil Perry in an official statement. “It’s everything that our customers love about both brands, which we’ve blended into the ultimate burger, breakfast and bar destination.”

The menu will incorporate elements of Burger Project’s handmade line ($9.90–$15.90) and Rockpool’s premium range of bar burgers ($26), with the Black Label’s price point landing somewhere in the middle. While the ink is still wet on the menu, we’ve been promised Texan-style barbeque beef, Deep South crisp chicken, falafels and crumbed-fish fillets, with sides of different sauces, spices, dips and slaws.

A sit-down and takeaway breakfast menu will also be offered, anchored by coffee from Mecca Coffee and bread from Sonoma Bakery.

The bar will be giving a higher billing too, and will serve “adult shakes” spiked with spirits, as well as a broad selection of craft beer, wine and whisky.

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Fast-casual service will be replaced with what the group refers to as “special casual treatment”, which will see proper plates and glassware used instead of the disposable stuff, as well as table service.

Burger Project Black Label is slated to open late-May this year at Grosvenor Place (225 George Street), replacing Saké Jr, which closed in early April.