Flourishing in what was once the car parking space of the attached building, a neat little doughy nook has been turning out freshly baked organic breads, pastries and other goodies in Paddington. Open for around six months, Organic Bread Bar has been quietly garnering a loyal following, thanks to the charm and baking prowess of German-born owner and baker Andreas Rost, who started baking when he was 15 years old.

The wood-fired oven is 50 years old and imported from just outside Rost’s hometown of Stuttgart in Germany, while the electric ovens are Australian. But his pride and joy is the huge, cream coloured slow mixer that hails from his apprenticeship days.

“I worked with it in Germany with my apprenticeship, but in 2007 when I went back it was still there, so I asked for it. It’s slow so it helps with the oxidising. It’s an old piece and I love it,” says Rost.

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Stacked high with sacks of four, the inner workings of the bakery are all on display – from the huge wall of ovens, to the cutting and weighing of the dough for each loaf. There’s a cafe front to the bakery, with a roller-door window for take-away and racks of breadboxes with the day’s fresh loaves. The organic La Hacienda coffee is a great accompaniment to a crunchy chocolate Afghan cookie, or a savoury rosemary and walnut shortbread. They opened without much fan-fare, but we say it’s about time we dropped by to grab some pillowy sourdough or handmade pretzels.

Organic Bread Bar
356 South Dowling Street, Paddington
(02) 9357 4448

Daily 7am–7pm