Paddy Coughlan, the man behind recent inner west refurbishments at the Lord Gladstone, the Botany View Hotel and the Lady Hampshire has a new project: alcoholic lemonade.

He dreamed up his version, dubbed Frank Strongs, to fill the gap between craft beer and cider. “Drinks like this usually taste like lolly water but I knew we could do better. It took 18 months of testing, and six tries to get the sweetness down, up the fizz and add body to it,” says Coughlan.

Frank Strongs has the same alcohol content as most drinks you get on tap and is brewed using a malt base. The result is thicker and more savoury than a cider, but more acidic than a beer.

“I like what it stands for. My venues are all about creativity, art and doing things differently, thinking outside the box,” he says.

Right now Frank Strongs is on tap and in cans across Coughlan’s three venues but he hopes to eventually see the beverage at other pubs in Sydney.