Sometimes I see a dish – often on social media – and it begs me to stop. “What is that?” I think. “And how do I get it?!” That very thing happened when I spied this egg-topped pie from Blood’s Bakery. The golden layers of pastry. The rich insides. That gooey, sunshine-y yolk.

Blood’s is run by Alex and Kylie Lynn, the married pair that bake and sell a tight menu of carby goods via Instagram. Alex (a chef who’s spent time in the Mr Wong, Long Chim and Casoni kitchens) creates and bakes, and Kylie does the rest.

The menu drops each Tuesday, and almost always sells out. (And you can also get a taste on Saturdays at Solstice, a new cafe in Summer Hill.)

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Back to that pie: here are all the details.

What: Chashu pork belly and ramen egg pie.
How: Pork belly is slow-braised in soy, sake and ginger. Then it’s added to a ramen-style broth and mixed with nori, shallots and sesame. The umami-laden mixture is spooned into a handmade pie pastry shell, a pastry lid’s put on top and then it’s baked till golden. A gooey ramen egg is served alongside. Purchase it hot and ready to eat, or as a pack of two to bake at home.
Cost: $14 ready to eat, or two for $23 to bake yourself (which includes two ramen eggs, too).
Where: Order by sending a message to the Blood’s team on Instagram. Weekly menus are released on Tuesdays, to be collected from Ultimo on the bake days that week.