“There are five or six major culinary festivals in the world, but Omnivore is the only one that travels the world,” says Luc Dubanchet, founder of the Omnivore World Food Tour. “That creates a unique opportunity for the chefs to share their culture and knowledge.”

Returning to Sydney for the second year in a row, Omnivore celebrates young chefs and up-and-coming talent with 10 festivals the world over, facilitating pop-up events, masterclasses and outside-the-box dinners. This year it’s in Sydney from Thursday October 2 to Sunday October 5. With Australian chefs including Carla Jones (4Fourteen), Nathan Sasi (Nomad), Josh Niland (Fish Face) and Patrick Friesey (Papi Chulo) taking part, along with international guests including Gita Seaton (Nouveau Palais, Montreal) and Pierre Sang (Pierre Sang in Oberkampf, Paris), it’s easy to see why Dubanchet is excited to return to Sydney.

“Omnivore keeps looking for new talents all around the world. That's why we are very proud to present to the public young chefs such as Mike Eggert or Jemma Whiteman (Pinbone) who have already traveled with us to Shanghai but just opened their restaurant a few months ago,” says Dubanchet. “Omnivore comes to Sydney to discover the young food scene, so it's our duty to make an exciting program based on that.”

The Australian focus on local ingredients, farm produce and natural wines has created a “new Australian language,” which is unique, according to Dubanchet. He says, “Omnivore considers Sydney as one of the most important places for food and restaurants in the world.”

Omnivore Food Festival takes place at The Australian National Maritime Museum and various venues around Sydney from October 2–5, 2014.