Scrolling through Omeio’s online store presents something of a first-world problem. Do we choose a pot of rich truffle cream pasta sauce or a pack of activated almonds? Duck ravioli or organic granola power bars? Health or indulgence? It’s a tough one.

The store was launched just a couple of months ago by Klara Takas and Niko Giourgas. Giourgas previously worked with Pasta Emilia and Left Bower cafe in Sutherland, while Takas has a background in psychology, and the team is passionate about only stocking products of ultimate quality. “We felt that the online [food] shopping experience wasn’t in tune with what we would expect from a modern online store,” says Giourgas. “The element of elegance was missing. We wanted to marry the experience of shopping in an online design or fashion store with that of an online food store.” The result is polished. Each product – sorted into categories such as activated nuts, dairy, pasta and sauces, spices, salt, tea and coffee – is matched with a crisp magazine-like image, making it even more difficult to stop piling things into your cart.

It’s not all about image here, though. Having chosen to work with just one producer in each category, Takas and Giourgas have only selected the best, and are currently only working with brands local to Sydney. “It’s hard enough to make the right choices when it comes to food and we felt that having too many choices can be even more frustrating,” says Giourgas. Pepe Saya’s prestigious dairy products are stocked, as are pasta and sauces from Surry Hills’ Pasta Emilia. Nuts, power bars and snack mix come via Star Anise Organic Wholefoods, while spices are by Ovvio in Paddington.

In addition to all this goodness, the team is stocking a range of print publications that reflect its ethos of a balanced life, such as Kinfolk, modern farmer, Pure Green Magazine and Gather Journal. For now Omeio is just delivering their brown-paper packaged goods to metropolitan Sydney, but there are plans to expand in the future.