Ever thought that the little kiosks in the CBD could be put to better use than selling cigarettes and cheap chocolate? The duo that gave us Brooklands Coffee Co. in Bondi couldn’t agree more, so they’ve turned one into The Nut Hut by Pags and Price for the summer season. Stocked floor to ceiling with young green coconuts and an assortment of healthy snacks, The Nut Hut is designed as a pop-up for the summer season.

“It’s a little bit of Bondi in Martin Place,” says Joe Pags, who came up with the idea along with business partner, Cam Price.

“It’s about being healthy and fun. We’re serving predominantly coconuts and we can fit about 200,” he laughs.

The coconuts come from BU organics and they also stock BU’s sprouted seed loaf along with granola from The Bucket List’s Tom Walton - served with almond milk - as well as a few other healthy snacks. They’ve been open for just over a week and so far the city crowds have had a mixed reaction to the healthy oasis.

“Some of the tourists don’t get it, they think it’s just a trend. So a part of what we’re doing is an exercise in nutrition education,” says Pags. “We wanted something fun, original and healthy in the CBD. Sydney is just starving for that.”

Being such a tiny space, they’ve kept the design uncomplicated with plenty of Astroturf and playful tiki-style signboard art by Emiel Saada.

“We kept it super simple. Cam and I want it to look good, but it’s less about how it looks than what’s behind it,” says Pags.

So raise your coconut and let’s have a toast to breathing fresh (and healthy) life into the inner city kiosk.

The Nut Hut by Pags and Price
Corner of Pitt Street, Martin Place

Mon-Fri 7.30am-3.30pm or until sold out (Saturdays may follow)