Rockpool Dining Group has unveiled its new premium-burger offering, Black Label Burger Project, in Grosvenor Place. It’s similar to Burger Project but bridges the gap between casual and fine dining.

The new spin-off, which has replaced Saké Jr, offers seven “deluxe” burgers, healthy salads, craft beer and boozy shakes.

“The vast majority of burger venues in Sydney are in the fast-casual market and are designed for a quick grab-and-go lunch,” says Rockpool Dining Group’s culinary director, Neil Perry.

“With Burger Project Black Label, we wanted to elevate the experience to the level of casual fine dining, a concept that is already very popular in the States.”

The range includes the signature Black Label beef burger made with 75 per cent aged Cape Grim grass-fed beef combined with 25 per cent triple-smoked bacon. There’s also a buttermilk-brined, free-range fried-chicken burger and a chickpea and zucchini vegetarian option.

The Black Label burgers are meatier than the group’s Burger Project counterparts; the beef patties are being upgraded from 140 grams to 220 grams.

The burger Perry is most excited about is The Native. It’s an Aussie-themed burger made from premium-grade wild-game kangaroo rump and stacked with a raw beetroot relish, spiced quandong, (desert peach), bush-tomato sauce and lemon-myrtle mayonnaise.

“We use grass-fed beef exclusively in our restaurants, however the next step up from that in terms of sustainability is kangaroo, so I’m really excited to be able to work with this protein,” says Perry.

Instead of making just one standard kangaroo patty, Perry uses two slimmer patties and stacks them on top of one another to prevent the lean meat from drying out.

It’s also moving away from the plastic-tray and refillable-cup experience. Black Label operates as a burger bar with a careful list of craft beers, Australian wines and alcohol-spiked shakes, including a Valrhona chocolate and peanut butter whip, which can be livened up with Hibiki Japanese whisky or Ron Zacapa Centenario rum.

Breakfast is also on the cards; office workers are invited to take a seat and enjoy a morning bowl of Neil Perry’s house-made Bircher muesli. There are also fluffy hotcakes, Mecca coffee and Sonoma pastries.

Black Label Burger Project
Grosvenor Place Courtyard, 225 George Street Sydney


 Mon to Fri 7am–10pm

 Sat 11am–10pm

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This article was updated on August 3 ,2018. This article first appeared on Broadsheet on May 29, 2018. Menu items may have changed since publication.