Behind a glass counter on Bondi’s Campbell Parade, a bright display of orange, pink and white fish fillets has popped up, manned by a skilled itamae. At Get Sashimi, this head sushi chef will slice your pick to order, serving it neat or with a sauce of your choice – be it a sesame number or a soy, wasabi and yuzu mix – and have you on your way to the sand in just a few moments. (Once you get to the front of the queue, that is.)

The new opening comes from Antonio Muollo, the business-savvy 24-year-old behind Get Fish. In 2018, he took over the family’s Sydney Fish Market seafood shop, added a delivery service and rebranded – then saw potential for more. “I started working at the fish markets when I was nine years old, so I’ve always been around fish,” he tells Broadsheet. “At Get Fish I [started doing] a lot more sushi and sashimi, and it really took off.”

Muollo set his sights on Sydney’s renowned beachside locale, placing bets that all the outdoorsy folk hitting the pavements would be keen for just-sliced raw fish, too.

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There are plump fillets of Japanese tuna belly alongside Ora King salmon from New Zealand and hiramasa kingfish. There’s also plenty of catch from seas closer to home – including Tasmanian salmon and local bluefin tuna belly. You’ll find bonito and cuttlefish, snapper and John Dory as well. Orange-tipped triangles of surf clams fit Tetris-style next to neat rows of paradise prawns and a collection of green-shelled abalone. Smoked eel, scampi and steamed octopus tentacles also wait in line.

While the variety is a drawcard, the time it takes to go from ocean to sashimi is heavy competition. The catch comes direct to Bondi from fishmongers at the market, a van moving between the two throughout the day. Artful rows of sushi (embellished with salmon roe or a lick of scorched mayo), caviar-topped oysters and poke bowls round out the take-out offering, and an 18-person sashimi train adds a dine-in option.

Word is there’s a Coogee store on the cards in the near future, too.

Get Sashimi
180 Campbell Parade, Bondi
(02) 9660 8332

Mon to Fri 11am–9pm
Sat & Sun 10am–9pm