Egg of the Universe is at the centre of the newly revitalised South Eveleigh precinct. If the name sounds familiar it might be because you’ve visited the original Rozelle wholefood cafe and yoga studio, or maybe you were just paying attention at your last yoga class; the name is derived from a yoga posture, usually completed towards the end of practice, to represent balance.

“When I first started testing the name on people, they generally laughed first but then came to appreciate its deeper meaning,” Harry Lancaster, who co-owns the cafe with his wife Bryony Lancaster, tells Broadsheet. “I thought it perfectly reflected what we were trying to do here – give people a fun way in, but also the opportunity to learn the deeper meaning behind what we do.”

At Egg of the Universe purpose is put into practice. Whether it’s feeding your soul in one of its heated yoga studios, or your stomach in its wholefoods cafe, everything is done with consideration.

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“We make our own sauces – our pesto, aioli, barbeque sauce and mayonnaise,” says Lancaster. “We make our own lacto-fermented sauerkraut and our own nut milks. It means we can guarantee the kind of flavour you’re going to get and the integrity of the product.”

You can still get your bacon and egg roll, but here it’s made with pasture-raised bacon and spelt sourdough. The “new age” porridge uses organic uncontaminated oats and the pancakes – served with seasonal fruit, cashew cream and maple syrup – are made with activated organic buckwheat and sweet potato. It’s also doing roasted dandelion lattes and mushroom hot chocolates, leaning on centuries of Chinese medicine.

The space, designed by architect Adam Brewer (Cross Eatery, Vermicelli on Clarence), is pieced together with plywood, and has a clean, balanced look.

“Wherever possible we used recycled or sustainably sourced materials and zero VOC [volatile organic compound] paints,” says Lancaster. This extends to the two heated yoga studios out the back, where Bryony, along with her team of 30 teachers, guides students of all levels through classes.

The building is part of Mirvac’s latest development in the South Eveleigh precinct. Outdoor seating opens out to a play area for the kids, surrounded by boardwalks leading up into the trees, with “treehouses” designed by local visual artist Nell.

“On top of the building is an indigenous rooftop farm called Yerrabingin where they’re growing traditional, medicinal bush herbs,” says Lancaster. The idea is to eventually weave those ingredients into the menu at Egg, whether in dishes or as herbal teas. “The guys came down yesterday with indigenous thyme and its smell was so deliciously potent, I can’t wait to work out how to use it in the cafe.”

Egg of the Universe

2 Davy Road, Eveleigh

Cafe Hours:
Mon to Fri 7.30am–3pm

Yoga Studio Hours:
Mon to Fri 6.30am–8.30pm
Sat 7am–5.45pm
Sun 8am–8.30pm