When Ben Williamson took over the kitchen at Surry Hills Levantine eatery Nour earlier this year, he brought a wealth of experience gained during his time cooking in Bahrain and seminal Brisbane Middle Eastern restaurant Gerard’s Bistro. Now he’s bringing even more expertise to the restaurant’s kitchen, thanks to two upcoming collaborations with two similarly well-respected chefs.

Williamson will work with Tom Sarafian from Melbourne Middle Eastern diner Bar Saracen and influential Spanish-Australian chef Frank Camorra, head chef and co-owner of MoVida, to create two menus, each available for one night only.

Sarafian will step behind Nour’s stoves on October 2, hewing to the theme “Once Upon a Toum in Mexico”. It’s a continuation of an event Sarafian has run at Bar Saracen, where he explores Lebanese emigration to Mexico and how the two cuisines have fused.

“Tom is cooking the best Lebanese mezze in Australia right now, his food is naturally super punchy yet accessible and therefore will be tremendously delicious,” Williamson said in a statement.

As guests feast, Sarafian will talk about the history of this mixed cuisine, which is little-known to most people outside the community.

Camorra will visit the Nour kitchen on November 27, where he’ll work with Williamson to delve into the relationship between Spanish and Middle Eastern cuisines. A blend of dishes from both regions will be presented, with each chef drawing on their respective experience to create a Moorish feast.

“The food at MoVida has stood the test of time and remains one of my favourite places to eat today,” says Williamson. “Frank’s food is unfussy, thoughtful and most importantly, delicious.”

Both dinners will be six-course shared banquets costing $85, with optional beverage pairing on the night.

Tom Sarafian will cook at Nour on October 2 and Frank Camorra on November 27, both from 6pm. Book here.