Here are six places in Sydney offering noodle soups for breakfast, from Vietnamese to Malaysian. Whether your hungover, it's a cold morning or your getting tired of avocado on toast, a bowl of noodles will hit the spot.

White Taro

White Taro has all the usual suspects (eggs, bacon, waffles and yoghurt), but its chook in broth is a real highlight. The dish is basically flame-grilled Vietnamese spiced chicken in a flavourful noodle soup, with wild mushrooms, herbs, pickles and a hard-boiled egg. There’s something restorative and comforting about this noodle dish that your traditional eggs on toast can’t compete with.

Breakfast hours:
Tue to Sun 7am–4pm

Bar Pho

Tina Do’s Vietnamese eatery, Bar Pho, is in the heart of Sydney’s Wintergarden food court. It’s the only place in the city that offers piping-hot bowls from 8am on Monday through to 5pm on Friday. The aroma of star anise, cinnamon, cardamom and Vietnamese basil wafts out of the kitchen. Do cooks her broth in a specially imported heat-regulating cauldron for 18 hours. This ensures the broth is rich, complex and balanced in flavour. She serves four different types, all honed to perfection. There’s the master beef with brisket and spices; oi choi oi with spicy lemongrass-beef broth, brisket and pork terrine; ginger chicken with shallots; and a vegetarian soup with tofu and assorted mushrooms.

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Breakfast hours:
Mon to Fri 8am–5pm


For a fancier breakfast, visit one of The Star’s finest restaurants, Sokyo. The spicy salmon udon is not your typical morning dish. It’s a delicious fusion of white-miso roasted salmon served with onsen tomago, crab, wakame, enoki mushrooms and udon noodles in a spicy miso broth. The heat of the chilli is a great way to kickstart the system.

Breakfast hours:
Mon to Sun 7am–10.30am


Since opening in 2015, Sô9 has built a reputation for serving some of the freshest Vietnamese cuisine in the city. Half the restaurant’s kitchen is dedicated to noodle soup. Sô9 serves five kinds of pho on the weekend for breakfast, including sliced beef; chicken; spicy beef; Vietnamese pork and shrimp sausage; and a special combination.

Breakfast hours:
Sat & Sun 9.30am–3pm

Lazy Suzie

Darlinghurst newcomer Lazy Suzie has only been open for a little under a fortnight, but it has already made waves with its hawker-inspired Malaysian fare. Owner Zachary Tan’s focus is on the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia, mainly Penang. Indulge in the lam mee egg noodles. It’s a slow cooked prawn-and-pork broth (the perfect combination of salty and sweet), served with a side of spicy sambal.

Breakfast hours:
Sat 10am–12pm
Sun 10am–3pm

Alice’s Makan

Like Lazy Suzie’s, this place does Malaysian hawker-style food well, and it’s affordable. The menu has a wide variety of noodle options including har mee, a spicy prawn-noodle soup with pork and egg, rice noodles, chicken, fish cakes, choy sum, sprouts and simple vegetables. Makan also serves three kinds of fried noodles including mee goring and grilled flat rice noodles served with egg gravy, seafood and vegetables.

Breakfast hours:
Mon to Fri 9.30am–5pm