Champagne: it’s a spotlight hog. Wedding? Champagne. Birthday? Champagne. Cruise? Race day? Launching a boat? You guessed it.

It’s been this way for hundreds of years. But lately, a sleeker sparkling wine has captured our attention. Prosecco is champagne’s brighter, sassier cousin. The grape variety originates in the north-east of Italy, but was first planted locally in Victoria’s King Valley in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Prosecco’s hallmarks are citrus notes with apple and pear aromas, making it an approachable, easy-drinking wine for the warmer months. With summer blossoming and the festive season underway, here’s a few inspirations to get you started on the road to prosecco discovery.

The dinner party wine

Head for a bottle of handcrafted, Aussie-made prosecco for your next dinner party – it shows you’ve put thought into the choice and care about supporting our homegrown talent.

The festive season wine

Summer is the season of parties, weddings, Christmas, New Year’s, festivals, and endless opportunities for special occasions. So how does one get through every celebratory setting without breaking the bank? Prosecco. It’s a perfect celebratory wine for any occasion. Mix it up with a prosecco rosé, which introduces a softer element to the palate.

The “on-the-go” wine

It’s 6pm on a Friday and your best mate/work colleague/neighbour has sent the “let’s hang” text. You don’t have time to decide on a gift, but there’s time to grab a bottle of something to make it an occasion. As a celebratory all-rounder, prosecco is the perfect sidekick. Because of the wine’s crisp, dry style, it also makes a great base for cocktails such as Bellinis and Spritzes.

The “Friday night tacos on the couch” wine

Whether it’s a Netflix and chill scenario, or it’s just been a long week and you want to curl up on the couch with tacos and a movie, the freshness and acidity in prosecco is the perfect accompaniment to zesty chicken, pork or seafood tacos.

Prosecco form guide:

Glassware in public: a sparking wine glass.

Glassware at home: tumbler in the backyard.

What they'll tell you it pairs with: figs, fresh seafood, oysters.

What they won't tell you it pairs with: brunch.

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