It seems that more and more sommeliers in top Sydney restaurants are seeking out obscure and unfamiliar wines from producers unheard of and varieties unpronounceable. So once you’ve tasted a wine you like while dining out, what’s the best way to find it later to enjoy either at home or in the park? To answer this the good folk at Nomad in Surry Hills recently launched Nomad Wine, an online cellar door that delivers that hard-to find-wine to you.

Since opening in late 2013, Nomad has been in the news for setting the trend in both food and wine. From the start it made the brave and honourable decision to support local growers and wine makers by only selling Australian wine from regions as diverse as Margaret River in Western Australia, to Beechworth in Central Victoria. The purpose was to highlight the amazing wines produced right on our own doorstep.

Nomad’s wine manager Daniel Jacobson explains the reason for launching the cellar door was the, “Inability of retail wine stores to sell wine from a restaurant list.” Having started his career in wine more than a decade ago, working in top Sydney eateries and as a wholesaler, Jacobson knows firsthand the difficulty in trying to answer a customer’s enquiry on where a wine can be purchased.

The website offers most of the 50-odd wines from the restaurant’s main wine list and a carefully selected few bottles from its reserve list. Also available are locally produced sparkling, rosé and dessert wines. Jacobson plans to change the wine list “about every three months” so expect the online offering to change, too.

Nomad Online

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