One could be forgiven for feeling like a lost wanderer – a “nomad”, if you will – among the aisles of the local bottle-o. Deciding which untried label or varietal you’re going to drop your hard-earned cash on isn’t straightforward. You really want to impress your friends at dinner. You also know Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc doesn’t quite cut it in 2017. Nomad Wine Club is here to help.

The Surry Hills bistro will deliver a curated list of seriously great Australian wines straight to you. “We really wanted to bridge the gap between what we can source and what people are drinking at home,” says Nomad co-founder Rebecca Yazbek. “We’ve been delivering wine for years and found that our online customers really wanted to hear from our sommeliers about what they should be buying, so the wine club just made sense.”

Since opening in 2013, Nomad has earned a reputation for carrying one of the most thoughtful all-Australian wine lists in the country. “There are so many generic wine stores out there stocking the same old stuff … people don’t have easy access to interesting local wines,” says Yazbek. “We aren’t tied to old-world traditions here like in France or Italy, so our producers have this amazing opportunity to be exciting and innovative and we’re proud to give them a platform.”

To be part of the Nomad Wine Club, choose between two monthly packages.

"We have three sommeliers on our floor and they are all so behind this wine,” says Yazbek. “It’s so great to be able to offer online customers the same level of service and recommendations that our diners receive.”

Yazbek is optimistic about the growing demand for different and unusual local wines. “When we first opened I was concerned about not offering things like French champagne or big Burgundies, but our clients have really trusted us to show them what’s good. We don’t stock wines that most people have heard of, so to be able to translate that trust from the dining room to the wine club is really rewarding.”

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This article was updated on September 8, 2017.