Pop-ups are a fantastic opportunity to trial new ideas and revisit old ones. The Pinbone crew is heading to Paris to cook at an omnivore event for three weeks. And instead of letting the place gather dust, it’s being invaded by two different groups of chefs. For three days of the week, former Noma chef Tom Halpin along with sommelier James Audas and front-of-house expert Jessica Martin (who works at Pinbone regularly) will be in the space with their pop-up Out-Boned.

While they’ll be serving on Wednesday and Thursday nights and Sunday lunches, Buzo will be back in its old quarters on Fridays and Saturdays. Buzo made way for Pinbone in 2013. "We’ll be running a $85 fixed-price a la carte menu, which will focus on daily market produce and incorporate the most popular dishes from Buzo’s repertoire, as well as new dishes we’ve been working on,” says James Hird, sommelier for Pinbone, Vincent and Wine Library. “This is a one-off series of dinners, never to be repeated,” says Hird.

The Out-Boned pop-up will run on Wednesday and Thursday nights and Sunday lunches from February 25 to March 15 with three sittings at night and two on Sunday. Call 0450 155 377 or email outboned@gmail.com to make a booking.

The Buzo pop-up will run on Fridays and Saturdays from February 27 to March 14. Email buzo.pinbone@gmail.com to make a booking.