Grant Andronicus is the grandson of Sydney coffee merchant John Andronicus, who founded a coffee company bearing the family name in 1910. One of the best-known importers of coffee beans in Australia in the 20th century, Andronicus was bought by Nestle in 1983.

So excellent coffee is at the heart of Andronicus’ operation in Turramurra. Both Vertical Espresso and Replay, Andronicus’ espresso bar located at Turramurra station, serve Gabriel Coffee, roasted in Sydney by Andronicus’ longtime friend and fellow cafe owner, Sam Gabriellan (Dose Espresso).

“We change our single-origin bean every three weeks,” he says. “We serve all our black coffee with our single, and milk-based coffees are always with our blend.”

The new cafe shares a core menu with its sister site. It is a limited offering by design, says Andronicus. “We haven’t built a proper kitchen, and that was quite intentional because we are a specialty-coffee espresso bar that sells food.”

One addition to the Vertical menu is a kids’ page, a nod to South Turramurra’s family friendly demographic. “Our shop leads straight through to a park at the back and there’s a preschool in the next street, so there’s a lot of young mums with strollers roaming around.”

Three times larger than Replay, Vertical Espresso occupies a former butcher’s shop. Builders removed the shop’s false ceiling to expose the lofty roof space of the original building, “giving it a mini-warehouse feel”.

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The cafe’s interior, featuring concrete floors, recycled timber furniture, light fittings with Edison-type globes and hanging plants, is styled on the “industrial-slash-rustic theme,” so popular in Sydney right now. “I’m a fan of it. I know it’s quite common these days,” acknowledges Andronicus.

Vertical Espresso’s arrival in South Turramurra is a welcome one for locals, who have long needed a quality cafe on their strip. “This little pocket of South Turramurra has been crying out for a cafe for a long time,” says Andronicus. “I can’t believe no one has done it already.”

Vertical Espresso
217A Kissing Point Road, South Turramurra
(02) 9440 1283

Open daily 6am–5.30pm