Agave in New York City has a brunch menu for under $30 that gets you a quesadilla, pancakes or an omelette – and your choice of margaritas, mimosas or beers. In Brooklyn, Buttermilk Channel serves four different Bloody Marys after 10am.

Across town in Astoria, DiWine serves a coffee and a cocktail with every entree. It may sound catastrophically hedonistic to us, but in New York, it’s completely normal.

As with most liquor-related New York trends, Sydney has taken notice. Among the throng of local booze pioneers is Bondi Hardware. It recognises that there is a place for having a drink alongside your bacon. And so it serves one of the best Bloody Marys in town.

Bloody Mary by Bondi Hardware
Approximately 2 standard drinks.

30ml of Mitchos Spice Sensation (see below)
60ml Ketel One vodka
Tomato juice
A pinch of dried chilli flakes
1 lime wedge
1 cucumber slice
1 celery stick
1 olive

Mitcho’s Spice Sensation (makes 700 mls):
450ml Worcester sauce
100ml lemon juice
1/2 pinch of salt
1/2 pinch of dried chilli flakes
10 leaves of basil
8 sprigs of coriander
50ml Sriracha Sauce
1/2 tsp Habanero Sauce
1/2 tsp Chipotle hot sauce
1/2 tsp Tapatío hot sauce

Blend the Mitchos Spice Sensation ingredients. Combine in highball with vodka and enough tomato juice to fill the glass. Mix a pinch of dried chilli flakes and a pinch of salt. Rim the glass edge with the chilli-salt mix and garnish with a skewered olive, lime wedge, cucumber slice and a stick of celery. Crack pepper on surface of drink.