This Petersham cafe has just taken over the site of the well-loved Grumpy Barista. Tiny Giant’s manager Yianni Ganas said the first thing he and the restaurant owners (Debbie and Gilbert Colacicco) wanted to change was the interior. All the rusted antiques and old trinkets that decorated the walls and tables were taken out to make way for Ganas’s vision of minimalism and greenery (the latter of which is still to come). “The shop was very cluttered. We wanted to peel back the layers, just to simplify it a little bit,” says Ganas.

While they’ve put their stamp on the interior, the menu tries to balance the old identity with more-contemporary fare. “It was mainly Italian based. It was really good but there were a few things we wanted to pull off and tweak.” Grumpy Barista fans will be happy to hear the baked eggs and tomato, and the pea-smash toast with prosciutto and buratta will stay. The new additions include pretty garnishes, creative, sweet breakfasts and cafe-style burgers.

The brioche toast (from Legend Bakehouse) is completely clouded in bright-pink fairy floss, berries and cinnamon ricotta. This week you can try a pulled-pork burger in a dense, seeded, brioche bun with slaw, barbeque sauce and a side of kumara crisps.

One thing he’s working on is a lobster roll. “It'll be a long milk-bun roll with lightly cooked lobster in butter and paprika, maybe a bit of coriander on top. Warm the roll with some cheese.”

Tiny Giant
110 Audley Street, Petersham
(02) 8065 4684

Mon to Fri 6.30am–3pm
Sat & Sun 8am–3pm