Lyons Road has been somewhat of a coffee desert for much of this lifetime, but things are changing and the strip is slowly gentrifying. The latest addition to the Lyons streetscape is a case in point. Lyons R.A.W. cafe has been open just on a month and it has already garnered a loyal bunch of regulars calling it home and flocking in for a Toby’s Estate brew to ease into the day. And with its raw brick walls, timber floor and industrial lights over the corrugated iron bar, it’s not just serving good coffee, but looking good while it does so.

Owner Steve comes from a food shop background, but this is his first cafe. “I’ve done coffee and sandwiches before, but this is more plated food and the menu here is a focus,” he says.

The all day breakfast menu is impressive and includes slow cooked broccoli with onions, a lamb sausage and chickpea hot plate, or crunchy homemade granola. Cakes and sweets are made on the premises and the bacon and egg pie, with buttery tart-style pastry, is a great way to kick off the morning.

The decor is distinctive, with the shopfront’s original green and brown glazed tiles rescued from under a layer of paint and bespoke wood slab tables (made by a friend) giving gravity to the styling.

“There was lots of paint over the tiles, so there was lots of stripping back to be done. But when we found them we thought we’d keep them. We were going to go all modern, but sometimes you just find gems.”

And the name? Well, it reflects all the beautiful raw materials that make up the space.

Lyons R.A.W.
155 Lyons Road, Drummoyne
(02) 9181 3444

Daily 7am–4.30pm