The CBD has some great food options, but finding time to get to those places isn’t always easy. Cramming in lunch breaks was a scenario Yery Yheoun and Terence Tam knew all too well. “We both had experience working in the CBD with very short lunch hours,” says Yheoun. “We wanted to create an option where people can eat lunch conveniently without compromising their choices.”

Inspired by the prowess of their favourite Suits power couple, Yheoun and Tam founded Ross and Zane – a lunch-subscription service that delivers high-quality meals to city slickers. “People are familiar with music or magazine subscriptions, but a food subscription helps build healthy habits,” says Yheoun.

Meals are delivered around the CBD on scooters or bicycles between 11am and 2pm, Monday to Friday. Subscribers have until 7am the morning of to choose from three menu options. The Asian-inspired, monthly-changing menu is more inventive than a standard salad or sandwich (and is great for people with food-choice anxiety). Last month’s dishes included teriyaki-salmon rice burgers, a fried chicken pancake with chilli maple sauce (a take on the American fried-chicken waffle) and tofu bao with hoisin sauce.

Subscribers can choose between two weekly plans: Friends of Ross, a one-day subscription; and Friends of Zane, a three-day subscription. The idea is that when you commit to a routine, you find more time to do the things you love. “Maybe that 15 or 20 minutes could be time to go to the gym, do some window-shopping or read a chapter of a book,” says Yheoun. “We want people to maximise their time, take better control of their lives and actually see the changes that come about.”
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