Brodburger started life as an old, red, gypsy-caravan-turned-food-truck that served burgers by the lake in Canberra’s Bowen Park.

Since then, partners Joelle Bou Jaoude and Sascha Brodbeck have made a name for themselves slinging quality fast food classics at Canberra’s historic Glassworks. While the business, called BrodDogs, serves gourmet hot dogs.

The pair has now applied to operate a similar caravan in Sydney, also to be called BrodDogs.

Dishes at the Canberra van include the Broddog (a hot dog with bacon, pickles, coleslaw and corn relish, topped with sweet-potato ribbons and shaved gruyere cheese), and a chilli cheese dog (a hot dog with beef, chilli sauce, fondue cheese sauce, corn relish and shaved gruyere cheese).

Jaoude explains the plan is to find a location that is less than 11 kilometres from the CBD for a replica of the original caravan. Jaoude’s sister, Josie, will run the caravan, to “keep it in the family”. The caravan will start with a gourmet range of hot-dog offerings, however, Jaoude says burgers could soon be on the cards.

The van is planned to launch in the next few weeks once a location is confirmed, watch this space.