Early-morning “recovery” parties are a common thing in Berlin and other party cities. There’s an old joke here: no one has ever recovered at a recovery. If nothing else, they’re a way to delay going home and admitting the night is over.

Recoveries most often move to minimal techno, an especially repetitive style with few peaks or troughs. (Check out this famous 37-minute track from minimal poster-man Ricardo Villalobos.)

DJ Marlie Kouzoumis returned from London 18 months ago, where she was helping organise similar parties.

“The music that I play, it’s not a huge scene here,” she says. “Sydney doesn’t really have an afterparty like that. I’ve been trying to find a spot to do that for a while, but it’s been difficult with the lockouts.”

Enter The Flinders, where Kouzoumis (who DJs as just “Marlie”) is launching Roots AM, a new party from 5am to midday every Saturday. This week entry is $5 (it’ll be more in coming weeks), with support from resident DJ Venda, and Lokomotiv’s Tyson Bruun and Lachie Simpson playing back-to-back. Tequila squashes and vodka sunrises will be $7 all morning.

Kouzoumis wants the party to feel different to others around Sydney. That means a certain amount of natural light, lots of hanging plants and strings of fairy lights. Fresh fruit platters will circulate about the dancefloor for tired clubbers who need a vitamin hit. Maybe someone might recover after all.

Roots AM runs from 5am to midday every Saturday at The Flinders, 65 Flinders Street, Darlinghurst.

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