When Georgia Woodyard and Anne Cooper walked passed a corner cafe space behind the UNSW Art and Design campus in Paddington, they knew they’d found the perfect spot for a follow up to Scout’s Honour, their cafe in Redfern.

“We saw it a year ago, but weren’t ready,” says Woodyard. When it was available over their summer break this year they jumped on it. The name of the cafe, Morris, is an ode to absent loved ones; Woodyard’s late grandfather, Morris George, and Cooper’s best friend living overseas, Andre Morris. The menu is designed to make locals feel welcome.

“The last place on the Morris site was all about the students,” says Woodyard, pointing out that now there’s something for everyone, from locals looking for a slow breakfast, to strapped students in need of a quick lunch. Cooper designed the breezy, minimal interior to have an open kitchen, and the duo is pleased to have a downstairs prep area for catering. “Some food is similar to Scout’s in that it’s all fresh,” says Woodyard, noting house-made pickles, “but we’ve developed a menu that fits this space.”

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The famous sandwiches get a makeover and currently include a bursting poached chicken, tarragon, caramelised-onion and lemon-mayo option. There’s also a roast mushroom, feta and zucchini house-made pickle version. There are spicy fish tacos and the Marrakech bowl of melting 12-hour slow-roast lamb, cauliflower, shredded raw cabbage, labneh and still-crunchy lentils is a generous bowl filled with herbs and toasted nuts.

Coffee options will include cold brew and filter, but for now it’s 5 Senses espresso. Scout’s giant cookies feature at both cafes, and go perfectly with a hot milo or old-school vanilla malt shake, best enjoyed by the wide-open window looking out to the tree-lined street. Woodyard is also working on a bar to open later this year on the corner of Pitt and Redfern Streets. She plans to name it after a notoriously promiscuous Redfern tomcat, Bart.


33 Albion Avenue, Paddington

0421 747 584


Mon to Fri 7.30am–3pm

Sat 8am–2pm