The small but ever-changing cocktail list at Bulletin Place, which Philips opened after winning the final of the World Class bartending competition, welcomes winter with a slight difference. Citrus flavours of grapefruit, blood orange, pomelo and kumquat are key to this drink, and marry well with the richness of ginger, clove and nutmeg.

Created exclusively for Broadsheet, the Mulled Martinez makes good use of dark flavours. “This cocktail is a play on the humble mulled wine,” says Philips. “Regal Rogue has a bunch of wintery flavours and herbal notes that makes it ideal for this drink. Who would have thought hot gin would be so delicious?”

Mulled Martinez
Makes 1, approx 2.53 standard drinks

– 60ml Regal Rogue Rosso vermouth
– 20ml Tanqueray No.TEN gin
– 7ml maraschino syrup
– 2 dashes cinnamon bitters
– 1/2 fresh fig
– Small lemon peel

Combine the vermouth, Tanqueray No.TEN gin, maraschino syrup and cinnamon bitters and seal in a small zip-lock bag. Sit bag in a water bath and heat to 60°C. Place the fig in a small wine glass and pour the heated liquid over the top. Squeeze the lemon peel over the top of the cocktail.

The Mulled Martinez will be available occasionally throughout winter at Bulletin Place.