From the file of ridiculous food fads of 2017 comes a burger on a flamingo-pink bun.

Mug Life in Potts Point has launched a new burger – the Cali Love. With LA as an inspiration, the burger is filled with beef, American cheese, red onion, lettuce, tomato, barbeque sauce and a potato cake, and is served on a signature “west coast pink bun”, which is spiked with a green palm tree skewer. Is it good? Who knows.

“It’s been one year now, the Mug Life birthday was actually yesterday, and we just wanted to do something different,” says owner Kristy Bannister.

“We already have the American thing when it comes to the music, the basketball, the sports … it’s just the vibe that we have here,” she says.

In addition to the pink burger, Mug Life has undergone a small redesign. “We painted the exterior of the building to match the pink and blue we have on the menu … it was to give an LA vibe and retro feel,” she says.

Mug Life has also introduced a bangers’n’mash flavoured “Ballin Outta Control Spring Roll”, with seasonal fillings.

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