Moon Park in Redfern is responsible for bringing traditional Korean market food to Sydney. But, like most restaurants that leave a lasting impression on diners, it’s been so much greater than the sum of its parts.

Ben Sears (the former head chef at Claude’s) and his partner, Eun Hee Ann (also ex-Claude’s), joined Ned Brooks in September 2014 to open their first restaurant. Soon enough, sitting on the sun-drenched balcony, overlooking the park and tucking in to beers, deep-fried whole chickens and potato pancakes was a Sunday ritual in Redfern.

After three years, though, their lease is up. And the team has decided not to renew it. It’s bad news for diners, but the decision came at the right time for the owners.

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“I think we’re all fairly happy. I’m expecting my first child in June, and Eun Hee is looking forward to spending time back in Korea with her family,” says Brooks.

These days, surviving three years in the hospitality industry is an impressive feat. “We are all happy with the three years we’ve had. It’s been great, and we’re all very proud,” he says.

When pressed about whether the team will reunite and relocate elsewhere, Brooks was tight-lipped. “It’s more of an indefinite break. We’re all very proud of what we’ve done, and are looking forward to doing something new in the next little while. We wouldn’t start up again as Moon Park. For now, there’s nothing in the pipeline,” he says.

There’s still time to enjoy the crisp, golden pancakes – the last service won’t be until September 24 this year.

Moon Park’s last service will be September 24 2016.