In January, In-N-Out came to Sydney for four hours. It’s so ridiculously popular everything sold out before it officially opened. Later that month, Hashtag Burgers created Down-N-Out, a one-day tribute to the popular American chain. Lines snaked down the block and 500 burgers went in two hours.

For all those people who missed out (and for everyone else who just wants to know what the hell is up with In-N-Out), you’ve got another chance coming up. Hashtag Burgers is bringing Down-N-Out back; this time it’s for a month at least. “The Down-N-Out burger was our most popular burger [at Hashtag event Funk-N-Burgers]. We knew people were excited about the idea and we’ve been wanting to do it for a while now,” says Hashtag co-founder Ben Kagan. The pop-up won’t be one of the regular Hashtag events; instead, it’s part of the Sir John Young Hotel renovations (the relatively anonymous CBD pub across from World Square). Hashtag is doing its own renovations to the space as well, which will remain a secret until the doors open.

Aside from the In-N-Out–style burgers and fries, Kagan and chef Sebastien Cens (former Mr Crackles head chef) are staying quiet on what else they’ll be bringing in. We do know there’ll be shakes of some sort and two of In-N-Out’s most popular burger hacks, the animal and protein styles. “The animal-style burger is a mustard-braised patty with caramelised onion and extra sauce. Protein style is no bun – there’s lettuce instead.” Kagan says there’ll be more hacks to come during the month. There’ll also be a vegetarian option that closely mirrors the regular Down-N-Out burger. “We want it to be a fake meat. We want to give vegetarians a meaty-style patty so they have a proper experience.”

Drinks will be served up from the Sir John Young bar with the addition of a Murray’s Craft Brewing Co. tap serving Angry Man Pale Ale. As usual, music will be Hashtag’s soul and hip-hop blend. “We are going to avoid Tupac or Biggie. It’s overdone, we want to go back to stuff we listened to: ’90s golden-era stuff.”

The Down-N-Out burger pop-up launches in Sir John Young Hotel on June 8.

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