Last month, in partnership with our friends at the Schweppes Cocktail Revolution, we gave workplaces in Sydney and Melbourne the opportunity to learn the basics of mixing drinks. The response was overwhelming, with hundreds of businesses in dozens of industries entering for a chance to learn the finer points of how to mix their own.

We chose six of our favourite entries (three in Melbourne and three in Sydney) and showed up with our with main drinks man, Dave Kerr of The Beaufort in Melbourne – not to mention a boxful of booze – for a drinks session on a Friday afternoon.

For our first stop, we met with the team from Thomas Hamel, an interior design studio housed in a converted power station in Redfern, who made perfect gin and tonics using Tanqueray 10 and grapefruit.

Next, we hung out with the film distribution team at Hopscotch, based in Chippendale. They learnt how to make the maliciously named El Diablo and how to open a bottle with a cocktail shaker.

Finally, we met with the team from Funkis, a Scandinavian design store on Oxford Street in Paddington. These ladies were true cocktail fanatics, who’d been to every new small bar in Sydney. In our Mix Your Own session, they mastered the application of tequila.

Three more Mix Your Own Sessions are about to take place in Melbourne, so be sure to check out the Schweppes Cocktail Revolution for more.