You gotta hand it to the folks at retro ice-cream parlour Mister Fitz (who are also behind Doughnut Time). Whether you like it or not, they know how to make a splash.

This time, they've invented a giant ice-cream sandwich and a national day to launch it on. That is, unless, there was a pre-existing National Ice Cream Sandwich day we weren't aware of.

It doesn't matter. If the thought of 20 scoops of mini-M&M-studded ice-cream squished between two Frisbee-sized M&M cookies gets your motor running (and you're feeling like splurging), get $70 ready and jump onto the Deliveroo website or app. The Baby Got Back – as this giant creation is known as – is available exclusively through the delivery service for today only.

Our only questions: how do they stop it from melting in transit? Would a cookie this large and fragile survive the trip? Only one way to find out.