Hot off the back of opening her new Sydney tuckshop this weekend in Manly, Nahji Chu (of Misschu fame) has announced that her first London venue is imminent.

“It’s in Whitechapel on the main street,” says Chu of the London venture. “It’s a five minute bike ride to the CBD by electric bike. We’re going to demolish it and start again.”

As always, Chu has a soft spot for under-appreciated venues. Much like her original Darlinghurst store in Sydney, the Whitechapel tuckshop is in a spot that most other people wouldn’t even consider and, by her own admission, is in extremely poor condition. With an opening date slated for October 15 and plans for a 10-week build, the site will be given the MissChu once-over, bringing all the tuckshop trademarks to the UK.

“It’s like the girl goes overseas,” laughs Chu. “There’s this thing about me that really wants safety and security and I fear about what will happen for the future of Australia,” she says, noting that an international presence will help secure the future of the Misschu brand.

Chu has recently returned from a site visit to London and is excited about the development of the new tuckshop, but says that a large part of it is in the hands of equity share manager David Birch, who will be living in London and overseeing the build.

“I went to speak to the builders, to nut down the design and sign contracts…and to form the London and UK entity with the lawyers. But I won’t be going back until just before opening now,” says Chu. “It’s really his [Birch’s] baby.”

There’s no sign of Chu slowing down, with plans for Minichu bar to open in Darlinghurst in early December.

Misschu opens in Manly on September 1 at 5/54 West Esplanade, Manly and in London on October 15 at 91 Whitechapel High Street, Whitechapel.