There’s a cake at Miam Patisserie that looks like a castle. It’s covered in what appears like moss and has spires at different heights. The matcha-meringue spires are brittle and earthy; they contrast starkly with the sweet and soft matcha dacquoise and matcha mousse underneath.

It’s by Meylissa Yusuf, an ex-accountant who’s just opened her first patisserie, Miam. “I've always loved baking at home but I'd never thought of doing it professionally,” says Yusuf. That was until she was out of a job in the late 00s and decided to give Le Cordon Bleu a shot. Now, after baking in the kitchen at Zumbo Rozelle and Cheeky Chocolate, she’s out on her own. Yusuf hopes to introduce Sydney to something a bit different.

“I don't see a lot of Asian flavours in French baking. There are places like Koi with one or two things, but I wanted to be really focused on those flavours,” she says. The castle-like matcha concord is a fine example. Another early signature of hers is a dome-shaped, black-sesame tart with a creamy vanilla and chocolate centre and a black-sesame biscuit base. Another is the beautiful genmaicha (a type of green tea) slice with layers of green tea and brown-roasted rice cream, sesame-and-brown-sugar crumble and mascarpone Chantilly.

There are many more recognisable treats on display, such as croissants; soft-centred, burnt-butter choc-chip biscuits (a mini version comes with every coffee); and fruit pies (the current iteration is apple and salted caramel). She hopes to make more cakes with Asian influences. “I'm Indonesian, I want to do a lot more things with a coconut and pandan base,” she says.

She also has plans to introduce an Indonesian breakfast. “I want to do fried eggs with sweet soy sauce and deep-fried shallots. We usually eat it with hot rice, but I want to make it with sourdough,” says Yusuf. We’re not sure how she’ll fit it all in, though; the minimalist patisserie (designed by Guru) is just a counter, a bar and a few outside stools. Yusuf also serves coffee and fruit teas made with Rabbit Hole loose leaves.

Miam Patisserie
140/313 Harris Street, Pyrmont

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