El Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday held annually on May 5, symbolising the victory of the Mexican army over French troops in 1862. So, if you’re up for some tacos, Margaritas and piñatas, here are the places you should head to on Tuesday.

Neutral Bay’s SoCal is spicing things up with Mexican Roulette Tacos (one super-hot taco hiding among four). There will be $10 Margaritas and $5 Coronas to cool you down afterwards, and Spanish and Mexican music to keep the party going from 4pm.

The Norfolk
Tacos are the feature of the day at the Norfolk, with 10 flavours on offer, all at $3. The most adventurous (or hungriest) can try the Ten Taco Challenge and get them free if they manage to eat them all in less than five minutes. The event starts at 6pm.

El Loco
The celebration lasts for more than five days at El Loco, with a bunch of tacos, Coronas, Margaritas and Tequilas on offer. Plus, there will be Mexican bands playing, piñatas and a traditional taco-eating contest as well. To enter head down from 6.30pm on Tuesday, May 5.

El Topo
There will be no taco eating competition at El Topo, but a Mezcal masterclass, where guests will be introduced to the favoured Mexican spirit while enjoying a Mexican-themed dinner of tortillas, tacos, and Mexican doughnuts, from 7pm.
Booking is required. Pre-tickets are available through sonyab@theeastern.com.au or (02) 9387 7828.

Beach Burrito Bondi
Head to Beach Burrito Bondi for its very first Taco Time Trials. Up to 15 contestants will go head-to-head. The first to finish the six tacos will win a Beach Burrito Artist T-shirt as well as a $50 gift card. If you think it could be you, register at joel@beachburritocompany.com. The event starts at 6pm.

Darlo Bar
This Darlinghurst bar is keeping the party going by celebrating the Cinco de Mayo on May 8 from 6pm. Take part in the chilli eating competition or sip some Tequila cocktails while having your face painted or partying on with the DJ playing until late.