From Throwback Thursday to Flashback Friday, who can resist a trip down memory lane? Mix that up with sweet treats, and resistance couldn’t be any more futile.

The guys at Gelato Messina know exactly how to press our buttons, and that’s what they’ll be doing in The Domain this month, with their nostalgia-themed Messina Milk Bar.

Open as part of Spectrum Now’s festival playground, the Milk Bar will be serving up gelato dishes designed to evoke the cream buns, Bounty bars and thick shakes of days gone by.

Creations include the Fully Sik Picnic, which combines white chocolate and hazelnut gelato with dulce de leche, hazelnut crunch base and gianduia chocolate. The Bounty Hunter is layers of coconut gelato, passionfruit jelly and lychee mousse coated in milk chocolate and desiccated coconut. The Cream-Bun-Dance features brioche filled with jersey milk vanilla gelato and raspberry jam.

If you feel guilty about skipping dinner and heading straight for dessert, why not have a course of Dr Wong’s? With a strip of cream cheese gelato on a layer of duck fat caramel gelato topped with crushed potato chips covered in white chocolate, we reckon that counts. Right?

Wash it all down with a thick shake: choose from salted caramel and white chocolate or banana split.

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The Messina Milk Bar runs from March 11 – 22 at the Spectrum Playground in The Domain. Drool over the full menu here