By now it’s likely you’ll have eaten enough Messina gelato (or just gazed, salivating, at the ever-changing flavours on their Facebook page) to gain enough understanding of how the combinations work to start dreaming of your own. If this sounds familiar, then take a deep breath, your daydreaming has not been for nothing. Messina have opened Dessert Bar, where you can now make your own soft serve gelato sundae.

“We’ve actually been thinking about this concept for a long time – customers making things themselves,” says Messina co-owner Declan Lee. “But we never wanted to do it with M&Ms and jelly beans, we wanted to make our own stuff.”

If you’re a person who’s always been secretly disappointed that putting gelato on your pastry is not socially acceptable, then take another deep breath. You can of course choose a plain waffle or flavoured cone (this month it’s raspberry) or a cup, Messina Dessert Bar also lets you start your soft serve journey with a “carb.” This could be in the form of a doughnut, a crepe or other pastry (currently a hollowed-out profiterole). Next is soft-serve gelato, which for the first month is burnt vanilla or Fanta sorbet. Finally, chose from over 20 toppings, including foams, gels, fudges and biscuits, as well as a popcorn and fairy floss machine.

If you’re in a mild panic over what to choose, there are flavour suggestions in store to guide you, such as Honey I Burnt The Kids (with burnt vanilla gelato, burnt honey mousse, smoked butter popcorn and smoked chocolate fudge). “Nick [Palumbo, founder] likes to choose everything himself, whereas I like to be led into flavour combinations that I know are tried and tested,” says Lee.

Messina’s own French pastry chef, Julia Canu will be in store offering advice, just in case you need to make sure it’s okay to put gelato on a doughnut.

Messina Dessert Bar
243 Victoria St, Darlinghurst

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