Soon, on real-estate websites, instead of listing how close a house is to a train station or the shops, desirability will be measured in the distance between you and the nearest Gelato Messina. Its domination of the city continues with the opening of a new store, the chain's ninth in Sydney, in Newtown.

This is its first store in the inner west, on the old Gelatomassi site. On Messina's website, owner of Gelatomassi, Salvatore La Rose, writes, "The conversation with Nick [Palumbo] and the Messina guys taking over our site started about a year ago. Until now the time wasn’t quite right for us or them. I’m pleased to say its now a reality. We’ve known Nick for well over 10 years and we can’t think of a better operator to take over from where Massi has left off.”

They will have tough competition – the winners of the World's Best Gelato, Cow and the Moon, is one suburb over, in Enmore.

Gelato Messina Newtown
262 King Street, Newtown
(02) 9516 1833

12-11pm daily.

Last updated on September 27 2016.