For Andy Bowdy fans (and let's be honest, who isn't), it was exciting to hear he was leaving Hartsyard to start his own online cake store and other ventures, because it meant more crazy, creative desserts in more places.

One of Bowdy's signatures is soft serve piled so high with toppings it needs to be served horizontally on a plate. Hot off the back of serving cheesecake soft serve, warm apple pie filling, donut and peanut crumble and salted bourbon caramel at Underbelly Festival last weekend, he's announced his next project: limited edition soft serve at Messina Dessert Bar.

It was likely to happen soon given that he was offered a production space at Gelato Messina. There will be four different flavours available from Thursday August 6 - Rocher Ferrerer, Luigi Wilson, Yoko Kono and Cinnie Bunstein. The Rocher includes Nutella soft serve with milk chocolate feuilletine shards, milk chocolate dip, hazelnuts and edible gold leaf.

How long he'll be there for we don't know, so don't take your chances.