Maybe Frank, the Surry Hills restaurant known for crisp-base northern-Italian-style pizzas and cocktails worthy of the city’s best bars, is expanding to Randwick in late October. “My business partner [Vince Lombardo] grew up there, his family restaurant was there for 20 years. We found there was no pizza or cocktail bars; it’s a bit old school. So we wanted to do something there,” says Stefano Catino, one of the owners.

Catino says the new restaurant will be a repeat of Surry Hills, with a few exceptions. “We'll do a bit more behind the bar [in Randwick]. It's bigger, twice the size of Surry Hills. Andrea [Gualdi] is building a good team, we will have some people joining us from London.” A garden space out back will provide fresh herbs (both Italian and local) and they’ll experiment with bottling cocktails – the offering changing at least every month. “We want to work on a line of Italian highballs and sodas. In Italy you have Campari soda, we want to work on something cooler.”

Alessandro Leverrato was the original Maybe Frank head chef and is returning to take charge of the new kitchen. The food will mirror the Surry Hills site in the beginning. “Of course eventually will change. One chef is from Liguria, one is from Sicily – they will have some ideas of how to do things differently,” says Catino.

The space will be divided between a traditional bar section, a mid-sized restaurant and an outdoor dining area. Jamie Price, the designer who worked on Maybe Frank’s initial branding, will be doing a few murals. “I can’t describe it because my English isn’t good, we want it to be very sexy and dark,” says Catino. “What’s important is that you see the pizza oven when you walk in. The whole kitchen will be visible.”

Maybe Frank is opening at 69 Perouse Road, Randwick in late October.

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